2017 Pulled Christmas Cracker

The 2016 edition of the Christmas Cracker, was inevitably billed as the “Pulled Cracker” due to being put back to after the New Year. The event was hosted as usual by Exmouth S & LSS, and involved competitors from Honiton, Sid Vale and for the first time, Exeter City’s Learn to Swim Squad. For many swimmers this as the first event of the year after the festive break, however there were no signs of post-Christmas blues with a fantastic 52 PB’s recorded by Exmouth swimmers.

The meet was raced over both 50m and 100 m events for in 4 strokes plus a 100 Individual medley. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to complete the 100 Freestyle races, however there was plenty for Exmouth swimmers to be proud of.

In the boys IM there were medals for Ryan Fitzhenry (Gold – 9yr); Matthew King (Bronze – 10yr); Luke Crompton(bronze-11yr); James Griffin (Silver- 12yr); Ryan Voysey (Gold-13yr); Ethan King (Bronze- Bronze -13yr); Joseph Bollington(Gold-14yr); Josh Smith (Gold-15yr);Aidan Spiller (Silver- Open); Kieran Tellem(Bronze-Open).


In the girls 100IM, there was a clear sweep of the medals for Exmouth in 11year age group. Lucy Humphries took gold; Chloe Fellows, Silver and Bethany Browning- Bronze. In the 12 year age group there was an Exmouth 1-2, with Grace Gillingham taking the gold and Abbie Freeman the silver. Other 100IM medallists were: Jasmine Pashley (Bronze -9yr); Lily Allen (Gold -13yr); Clara Woodhead (Gold -14yr); Heidi Schunck (Bronze – 14yr); Sophie Spiller (silver-15yr);Jasmine Simpson-Currie (Bronze 15 yr) Alison Browning (Gold-Open).


In the boys 100m events, there was plenty of competition for the medals. In the breaststroke there were victories for James Griffin, Ethan King, and Joseph Bollington in their respective age groups. Neville King repeated the success of son Ethan, by taking the open breaststroke gold. Luke Crompton, Ryan Voysey, Josh Smith and Aidan Spiller were also placed.  Ryan and Josh added to their medal collection with golds in both the 100 Fly and 100 Back, whilst Joseph made it a clean sweep of the gold medals in his age group by winning the same events. Luke Crompton added two more bronze medals, whilst Regan Osbourne took home medals from the Fly and backstroke.


In the girls 100m events Grace Gillingham and Abbie Freeman completed the 1-2 in all the events that were raced. Grace took the gold, whilst Abbie the silver in the 12year age group. In the 11 year age group for girls, Exmouth dominated the podium in the Backstroke with Bethany Browning, Lucy Humphries and Chloe Fellows taking gold, silver and bronze respectively.  Lucy and Chloe did ensure that the first places were shared out by taking gold in the Fly and the breaststroke. Bethany took silver in the fly and Lucy got silver in the breaststroke. In addition to her gold in the 13 year IM, Lily Allen added gold in the backstroke and fly, along with a third place finish in the breaststroke. In the 14 year age group Clara Woodhead took home gold in breaststroke and fly, whilst Sophie Beacon won the backstroke. Heidi Schunck medalled with 3rd place in both the breaststroke and backstroke. In the 15year age group Sophie Spiller won both the breaststroke and backstroke, whilst Jasmine Simpson-Currie took the fly gold medal. Sophie finished with a bronze in the same event.


In the 50 metre events, Jessie Cooper came 3rd in the 8 year freestyle, in what was her first ever gala as an Exmouth swimmer, and also won a ribbon with a 4th place finish in the fly. In the 9year age group Jasmine Pashley had a silver (50 Free) and bronze in the breaststroke, backstroke and fly. In the same age group for the boys Ryan Fitzhenry got two golds (50 Free & Fly) and a silver (Backstroke). Both Matthew King and Mile Dobel got well ribbons for 4th place in the fly and backstroke respectively,  in the boys 10 year age group.

2017 Pulled Christmas Cracker