2017 Results

2017 Club Champs

The results for the 2017 Club Champs will be updated soon after each event takes place.  The results page is password protected and the password has been sent to club members. 

Devon ASA Masters and Seniors 03/09/17

Starcross Swim 06/08/17

1st  G. Cornwall Brown, 1st senior male, 29.57.48
2nd  Joel Rawe, 2nd senior male, 31.57.80
3rd  Ian Lang, 3rd senior male, 32.28.09
4th  Henry C. Brown, 4th senior male, 33.24.44
5th  Aidan Spiller, 5th senior male, 35.59.11

6th Jules Roberts, 1st junior male, 37.01.53
7th  Martin Sprigmore, 6th senior male, 38.09.34
8th  Sohie Spiller. 1st junior female, 41.04.75
9th  Joe Schunck, 7th senior male, 41.52.10
10th  Heidi Schunck, 2nd junior female, 44.20.33
11th  Ian Grail, 8th senior male, 44.49.50
12th  Martin C. Brown, 9th senior male, 49.09.51

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